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There is an art to creating a quality pool and getting it wrong can cost you dearly, both now and in the future. Very few pool designers and builders understand the art and science behind hydraulics - the mechanics of water. We have spent years studying all aspects of hydraulics, pool design and installation and can give you the right advice when it counts - which is before you spend a cent on your pool.

Acqua Pools & Spas is a master of water engineering and pool design. Our award winning designs are not only architecturally superior, but they also take into account the very nature of water and water flow, which a pool for you that not only looks good, but works well by eliminating dead spots, temperature variations, high chemical costs and many other 'hidden' future issues.

Your pool is the biggest investment you will make outside of your home - so you need to get it right the first time. It is not the time to be making your decisions based on hype or price. Get the right advice from a company who has a proven track record and understands every aspect of pool design and building.



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Award Winning Designs

Several of our architecturally superior swimming pools have won awards from the NZMPBG.

Free Consultation!
Your pool is the biggest investment you will make outside of your home - so you need to get it right the first time around.

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