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The Art & Science of Pool Design

Water naturally flows according to many factors; including the movement of the earth, its temperature and the very nature of the bonding of water molecules. This can be most clearly seen in the natural path a river will take across a flat plain when unobstructed by geological structures (see image to right).

The water in your pool will also flow around the pool according to exactly the same physical factors. If these are not taken into account when designing a pool, unnecessary tension and stress will be placed on the pool, which can severely shorten the life of your pool.

Other factors are also effected with poorly designed pools: including the uneven distribution of chemicals around the pool creating 'dead' spots where bacteria and algae can thrive, which commonly leads to over usage of chemicals and overly taxed pumps and cleaning systems; as well as poor heat distribution in spa and heated pools.

One of the advantages of designing a pool based on water's natural flow is that the designs become much more organic and pleasing to the eye. Our award winning designs attest to the beauty of designing a pool that not only functions well, but has an aesthetic beauty that can only come from conforming to the natural rhythms and shapes inherent in water itself.

Pool Design


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Award Winning Designs

Several of our architecturally superior swimming pools have won awards from the NZMPBG.

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