Pool Valets and Robotic Cleaners

At Acqua we offer complete Pool Valets and cleaning, this would include balancing the chemicals so that they’re just right to ensure you have healthy water to swim in!

System Repairs and Maintenance

As with everything that has a function, maintenance and repairs are necessary. Acqua offers complete maintenance services.

Filters and Pumps

This includes Chlorine free systems.

Design and Build

Acqua offers complete architectural services along with other consultants to ensure you get the right pool for you!

Heat Pumps and Heaters

If you’d like a pool that you can use all year round, Acqua offers complete Heat pump installation services.

Commercial Systems and Insurance Claims

For Swim Schools to Hotels!

Pool Controllers and LED Lighting/ Fibre Optic

Acqua offers fully programmable multi-colour LED lighting

Water Features

Complete Water Feature Services

After something else?

We can handle any project of any size. Get in touch today to discuss your custom needs.